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Friday, September 02, 2016
4:45 PM
August 26th The Atlanta Motor Speedway got hit with the Tsunami of aquatic magic that has been growing exponentially over the past 3 years in Atlanta, Georgia called Imagine Music Festival. This year’s festival included some major headliners throughout the three days of insanity. Each set brought its own energy and production made sure to make every hour set some special on its own. Here I will do my top 5 sets:

Snails hit me like a ton of bricks and wasted no time doing so unleashing hard hitting trap. Not knowing what I was walking into this guy knew what he was doing all around. With his mix of heavy basslines and hip-hop he controlled the entire energy of the crowd and took full charge. With great visuals and powerful drops or even randomly dropping Drowning Pools Bodies, Snails made my weekend something amazing or as he may put it, “I got SNAILED.”
Playing early in the day Friday FYER brought out their guitars and drum pads and key boards and went to work putting on a set I have never seen anything like. Playing remixes or covers of songs or even playing singles these two never flinched or had any hiccups even while multitasking all these instruments. Being so overwhelmed with so many instruments did not stop them from making a memorable crowd experience by getting them involved not only was it a great way to get the festival started early but just as a whole something I’ll always remember.
Beats Antique
Mixing up the vibes over on second stage Beats Antique came out with a mellow yet mesmerizing set. With belly dancing and live music it was not hard to be sucked in by the down tempo, heavy jazz and hip-hop feel. The way they show all of the preforming arts perfectly choreographed made me feel as if I was not just watching an amazing musical set but a masterpiece of all forms of art. This made me appreciate and feel emotion unlike anything else this weekend because at moments everybody including myself would be rocking out and in mere seconds it would be like we were all on the edge of our seats to see what happens next. Beats Antique brought me on a cultural roller coaster and blew me away.
3LAU took the stage Sunday night with a very tempestuous set that woke the crowd up with a mighty roar. With the passion in his voice connecting with everybody from front to back he began dishing out touching songs with heartfelt lyrics while added bumpy electro tunes at the drops creating an alive moment with everybody at Imagine. From each transition began a new touch of butterflies in my stomach reminding me the beauty that music can start in an instance. The atmosphere 3LAU made Sunday night was unbreakable.
Black Tiger Sex Machine
Bringing out their new live show and helmets this trio put on the show of a lifetime. From the start having an intense opening I was blown away by the intro on how they transitioned into heavy basslines with insane electro the crowd began to be a bounce house. While being in awe by the electrifying entrance it only got better by having an almost “Mad Max” post apocalypse themed movie playing as the host for the mind boggling set they brought you on. Song selection was something that glued me to the screen by the way it followed the screen and made me feel as if I was on an adventure. Every moment of this set I was taken away by the production and heart put into every song played making it the highlight of my weekend.

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