Right on the Money; Ghost Voices by VIRTUAL SELF


Well-known producer Porter Robinson recently adopted the new alias VIRTUAL SELF, after revealing his intent to take on the new project in November and making his first appearance under the new moniker in early December at a nondescript warehouse party in Brooklyn. “Ghost Voices” was released in late November as a single before being included on his self-titled first EP.

Ghost Voices is reminiscent of 90’s techno, complete with a melodic trancelike buildup and a danceable house rhythm. It is smooth and soulful, accompanied by a light atmospheric vocal that provokes listeners to lean back with closed eyes and inhale the sound like a breath of fresh air. A stark contrast to the sound Porter Robinson fans are accustomed to hearing from him, this track and others on the Virtual Self EP are likely to be a favorite for old-school techno and trance enthusiasts.

We look forward to hearing more from VIRTUAL SELF and exploring the mystery of the motivation behind this new project. All in all, this track is a 9/10.┬áCheck out “Ghost Voices” here to experience it for yourself.

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