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Flite – Summary


Welcome to the second edition of On the Radar Artist of the Month! This series focuses on producers with high quality sound and track development that we feel are under-recognized and should be garnering more attention than they currently are.

This month we step into the world of drum and bass, a diverse and saturated market with producers from all around the world vying to have their music heard. The artist based out of Austin, Texas has had his music released on two major dnb record labels, Liquicity and Hospital Records, and has also had tunes released and featured on Monstercat.

Flite has played a number of shows around the United States, but we believe this artist deserves more attention by the drum and bass community around the world. With beautiful original track composition, flawless remixes, and songs reaching over 200k plays on Soundcloud, his social media numbers do not aptly speak for the quality of work Flite puts out.

Music Production – Originals

Arguably one of the most successful releases for Flite to date, “We Are One”, released on Monstercat, hit one hundred thousand views on YouTube in 2 days. Currently sitting at 277k plays on Soundcloud, this track will likely be the first that many will hear from the artist due to its popularity and use in Monstercat mixes. The track starts off quirky and light, with a fantastical feeling similar to the intro of a sci-fi cartoon. Energy peaks during the drops, where quick and funky beats easily bring a body to motion. Ending with a quick taper and lyrics saying “we are one”, the song completes the feeling of excitement and wanderlust.


Released as a part of Flite’s EP titled “The Cure”, the same named song is a wonderful introduction tune to the liquid vibes that Flite is able to produce. With soft lyrics and a strong yet tame energy, “The Cure” is a beautifully written track that has almost a Pendulum atmosphere to it. Kept simple, this track begins with soft synths, a standard dnb snare line, and lyrics that lead to a smooth and elegant drop. It is easy to say that this song will be a perfect addition to any spring or summertime playlist.


“Progression”, one of Flite’s newest tracks, keeps true to his general liquid dnb style, but highlights the artist’s aptitude for creating a synth line that pairs fantastically with dnb’s fast snare beats. This song is also almost twice as long as his typical releases, coming in at a solid six minutes. However, this is a perfect example of a extended song done right. Even though it may be long, the tune keeps the energy moving by adding layers as it continues. A lone piano creates the intro, followed by a background snare and a basic synth line, and continues to build through the drops as the synths gain complexity and power. The song then dies off in a similar manner to how it began, with the artist taking off a layer at a time until an oddly appropriate abrupt end.




In sum, Flite is a brilliant liquid drum and bass artist. His work fits his name, with the songs all having a general energy of excitement and ephemerality. Flite’s music is high quality and consistent; clearly good enough to be released on labels known for showcasing some of the best in drum and bass around the world. We look forward to seeing his newest work, and we hope that Flite begins to receive the attention and love that we believe he deserves.

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