Music Review – Puppet’s EP “Life Overseas”


For those who are avid listeners to Monstercat or the future bass genre, Puppet is quickly becoming a household name. By creating electronic music with live instruments, Puppet is continuing to blur the lines between EDM and alternative/punk rock. On Monday, Puppet released his “Life Overseas” EP featuring his hit “Dynamo” and three new songs, “Bigger Picture” with Foria, “Chin Up” with Azuria Sky, and “First Time Fighting”.

“Dynamo”, the first track on Puppet’s EP, was met with high praise for its innovative sound when it was released as a single. The tune takes elements of alternative rock, EDM, and angsty lyrics to create a song that is certain to be a summer road trip anthem in 2018. While it still has many of the sounds that we have come to associate to Puppet, he continues to dive further into rock territory without sacrificing quality. As usual, his vocals provide an unfinished rawness that pairs wonderfully with the energetic and moving melodies. By the end of the song, Dynamo leaves the listener feeling ready to move forward with renewed enthusiasm and self-confidence.

Next, Puppet & Foria come together to create the glitchy and punk-esque “Bigger Picture”. Again experimenting with the combination of rock sounds and electronic melodies, this song takes on a more complex vibe with syncopated rhythms and strategic hiccups. Puppet continues to show off his vocal prowess by taking his raspy and emotional voice and pairing it with lyrics that most anyone can relate to. The song has a consistent momentum driving it forward, almost making the three minute song feel as though it ended too soon.

With a deeper, more impassioned mood than the previous songs on Puppet’s EP, “Chin Up” brings in Azuria Sky to create an inspirational track fit for those moving on to the next part of their life. Azuria Sky’s soft vocals are a delicate touch to the music which is noticeably lower and heavier than some of Puppet’s more recent tracks. “Chin Up” feels poignant and powerful, giving audiences the motivation to push past their struggles and embrace what is to come.

Last, but certainly not to be ignored, “First Time Fighting” brings a whole new atmosphere to the EP. Feeling more emotionally intense, the song is complex and robust, yet simple. With less focus on melodies that progress the song, Puppet created a sound that envelops the listener with chords and vocals guaranteed to give them chills. “First Time Fighting” should be a focal point, because it completely showcases Puppet’s capability to instill an emotion in the listener and create a mood with a song that is candid and unadorned music production.

The EP as a whole is wonderful, with Puppet’s unique sound and style allowing the songs to blend together masterfully and making the EP easy to listen to straight through. Individually, the songs are all emotion inducing and tell unique stories, letting us see a little bit into the life of the artist. While the overall EP is nothing short of sensational, each song deserves individual attention and respect to truly appreciate the gem that Puppet has created.

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