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Make your way Midtown in Houston, Texas and you’ll find no short supply of Bobby bottle service night clubs with dress codes, more booths than dance floor space and the DJ playing the same shit you hear in your car on the way to work. Go a little further and you’ll find something a very unique alternative in Houston night life.

Houston’s newest House & Techno club: Gravity.

Located in the heart of midtown and ear shot of several other major nightclubs, Gravity sits on Main street in a high traffic area, making it a prime location for club goers to include in their weekend pub crawl.

The intimate space packs a world-class Void Acoustics sound system with a carefully curated team of resident DJ’s and headliners who keep the vibe very House & Techno.

We sat down with UK DJ, Club owner and Founder of Impulse713, Jonny London to talk about his latest endeavor.


Dept of Dance: Can you tell us a little about Impulse713 and what made you want to open Gravity?

Jonny London: So, Impusle713 came about. It was actually me and my friend Danny. We were kind of at a point with the Houston music scene where I felt there was a gap in the market. There was a lot of deep house at the time and there wasn’t a whole lot of techno. The techno events that did happen were kind of sporadic. So we sat down and thought it would be fun to bring in artists that haven’t been to Houston before. So we had our first party at Mr. Peeples on the top floor. We maybe only had 150 people show up which I was disappointed at first if I’m honest. Coming from London, you expect 3,000-4,000 people to come through a club every weekend and that’s not the pace of Houston. The idea of Impulse was to offer a different angle of music that wasn’t being presented in the Houston market.

Dept of Dance: When did Impulse713 turn into opening a nightclub?

Jonny London: After doing shows for 2 years, we were changing venues for every single event and couldn’t find a fit for exactly what we wanted. Once Jet Lounge closed down, there was this gap where I felt I needed to jump in. I was sitting down at work one day and this place popped up. I thought there was no way this location was available so I called them immediately to check it out. Once I saw the space, everything started snowballing quickly and it went from there.

Dept of Dance: What’s the concept behind Gravity?

Jonny London: So the idea behind Gravity is to step away form the bottle service scene which seems to be the dominant player in this city and I just find it comical that we ended up being across the street from CLE. We want to be that go to place, no matter what night you come down here, it’s going always be quality music. That’s literally the only driving force in the venue is the music. Everything got built around that. We are about good quality sound and good quality music.


Over all, the club is very promising while side stepping the froo froo commercialized feel like many of its neighbors, making the best of the space both with a good size dance floor and spacious outdoor cabana styled patio in the back. If you’re looking to dance, this place is for you.

Check out Gravity’s first major headliner show featuring Drumcode’s Bart Skills on Nov 17th.

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