MFAH Mixed Media presents Miguel Migs


There are a few things to consider when throwing a party; Concept, Venue, Entertainment. The Museum of Fine Arts Houston definitely brought together all of those elements over the weekend when they hosted the seasonal MFAH “Mixed Media” party.

Featuring an exhibit dedicated to the illustrious and renowned fashion designer Oscar de la Renta and booking San Francisco deep house DJ and label boss of Salted Music, Miguel Migs, the night was set to be a brilliant mix of art, fashion and house music.

The museum had been transformed into a hip LA styled bar with spacey lights, vintage 1980’s film reels of fashion walks projected onto the wall and eccentric gobos placed perfectly on suspended structures. While I hadn’t pinned the crowd to be Miguel Migs fans, they certainly took to the stage as soon as he began his set.

While it was only a 2 hour set, Migs wasted no time in getting everyone to the dance floor. The crowd who dressed so nicely had loosened their ties, picked up their dresses, taken off their heels and danced the night away into a sweaty sauna, packed together like sardines in a can. House music has this effect on the masses. It’s truly a beautiful thing.

You can keep up with Miguel Migs’ music by visiting or on his soundcloud (below)

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