Right On The Money; A Review of Odesza’s A Moment Apart


Odesza, comprised of Seattle duo Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight, released their soulful third studio album “A Moment Apart”. The album is one for lovers and those who loved and lost alike. Featuring dreamy cinematics and talented vocalists such as Leon Bridges, Naomi Wild, and Regina Spektor, the album takes listeners on a wistful journey of reflection and nostalgia.

A thought-provoking spoken introduction leads into the celestial title track, pulling at the audience’s heartstrings right from the start. Following that, “Higher Ground” captivates listeners with Naomi Wild’s fluid vocal accompaniment and a satisfying drop reminiscent of a festival experience. “Just A Memory” draws genuine emotion with Regina Spector’s sweet soprano voice singing to a lost lover how much she has grown since she last saw him, invoking rumination and a sense of longing from those who can relate to the eloquent lyrical content.

Though “A Moment Apart” is soothing and even meditative, being packed with 15 tracks, at times it seems to drag on. Many of the numbers seem to pull back into what feels like somewhat of a template of admittedly soothing soundscapes, but there is a certain uncomfortable awareness of the artists’ desire to fit within the theme of the album. For this reason, it’s best listened to while studying, working, or relaxing with an idle mind rather than an attentive immersion.

Though it is beautiful and has moments of intensity and emotion, much of the album feels like repetitive filler. All in all, “A Moment Apart” earns a 6.5/10 rating.

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