Mix of the Week: Group Therapy 243 with Above & Beyond and Moon Boots


Get pumped to check out Moon Boots tonight at The Secret Group with this badass mix from the man himself.  3/4 hard hitting trance, this unconventional pairing is to celebrate the release of his debut full length album “First Landing” on Anjunadeep.  His guest mix is all of his tracks, from chill and sexy to funky, starting at 1:30.  Enjoy!


1. Emme ‘Hydra’ (Freegrant)
2. Profetik & 5ALVO ‘Lifestream’ (Freegrant)
3. Myon x Fatum feat. Marcus Bently ‘Rain’ [Zack Evans Remix] (Ride)

Record Of The Week
4. Above & Beyond feat. Marty Longstaff ‘Tightrope’ [Above & Beyond Club Mix] (Anjunabeats)

5. Dankann ‘Feel Me’ (Enforcing)
6. ERKKA ‘Not Only Dark’ (Plural System)
7. Matter ‘Pronoia’ [BC Edition] (Balkan Connection)
8. Movement Machina ‘Only One’ (ZeroThree)
9. Jaytech ‘Cielo’ (Positronic)
10. Dezza ‘Would U’ (Colorize)
11. Steve Brian ‘Angola’ (Enhanced Progressive)
12. Mitiska ’Sparrow’ (Ride)
13. Beatsole ‘The Lunar Brook’ (Euphonic)
14. Paul Arcane & Quizzow ‘Ethereal’ (Elliptical Sun Recordings)
15. Super8 & Tab ‘Quest’ (Armind)

Push The Button
16. Dirty South feat. Rudy ‘The First Time’ (Anjunabeats)

17. Ledo ‘Hundred Days’ (PHW)
18. Colleen D’Agostino & Deadmau5 ‘Stay’ [No Mana Remix] (mau5trap)
19. Dusky ‘Psychic Life Coach’ (17 Steps)
20. Nuestro ‘Alma’ [Sodality Remix] (Alter Ego Progressive)

21. Mike Koglin vs. Jono Grant ‘Sequential’ (Anjunabeats)

Moon Boots Guest Mix
1. Moon Boots ‘First Landing’ (Anjunadeep)
2. Moon Boots ‘Red Sky’ (Anjunadeep)
3. Moon Boots feat. Lulu James ‘Tear My Heat’ (Anjunadeep)
4. Moon Boots ‘The Life Aquatic’ (Anjunadeep)
5. Moon Boots feat. King Kona ‘Fortune Teller’ (Anjunadeep)
6. Moon Boots feat. Janelle Kroll ‘Utopia’ (Anjunadeep)
7. Moon Boots feat. Antony & Cleopatra ‘Never Get To You’ (Anjunadeep)
8. Moon Boots feat. Nic Hanson ‘Keep The Faith’ (Anjunadeep)
9. Moon Boots feat. Fiora ‘I Want Your Attention’ (Anjunadeep)

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