Women in EDM: In-Your-Face Producer Showcase


We talk a lot in this series about the lack of women producers in the electronic music industry. It’s a Catch-22 when it comes to bookings—artists get booked when they have larger followings, and artists get larger followings when they get booked. This month, we put our money where our mouths are and are highlighting some up and coming producers that you should know about, because their music kicks ass. Overseas and in certain scenes, these artist have no problem getting their names in the big fonts, but as we know, the U.S. is challenged with headlining women. The 5 featured artists below prove that there’s absolutely no reason why this should be a thing. Listen to their tracks and mixes, follow them online, get notified of their next show and give them the organic audience they deserve so you can see them on the next festival you’re itching to get passes to. Oh, and if you haven’t yet, go vote for women DJs/producers for the DJ Mag Top 100 NOW.

DJ AniMe

Whoever said girls are made of sugar and spice obviously hasn’t listen to the women producers of hardstyle. DJ AniMe’s style is about as in-your-face as you can get. Her track selection is metal AF, seemless, and utterly relentless. Hailing from Plaisance, Italy, she’s been in the game since 2008 and shows no signs of slowing down. Follow her tour dates, Facebook, and enjoy these sounds:


Whipped Cream

You think dubstep is a boy’s club? Eat your heart out and put some Whipped Cream on it. Representing the legacy of Canadian bass, Whipped Cream is proof that different perspectives are great for pushing creativity forward. Brostep made the bass world tired for a minute there, but Whipped Cream is digging bassheads out of the rut, one impeccably produced track at a time. Follow her tour dates, Twitter, and get a spoonful of this tasty EP:

Bonus track:


Kim Ann Foxman

She’s the dark techno/electronica dream of Annie Lennox and Grace Jones combined, an artist through and through, and an absolute must-hear. She’s also the founder of Firehouse Records and the epitome of New York City cool. DO NOT sleep on her tour dates, and follow her Twitter now. Enjoy this Nasty Mix and a track from her Energy EP.


Madam X

She might be the master and commander of Manchester, according to her music. Madam X’s sound is pure UK underground, and damn, she produces and curates the hell out of it. She owns her own label, Kaizen, and has a big, bad ass career behind her and ahead of her. Stay on top of her tour dates (yo Dirtybird campers, she’ll be there this year), follow her Facebook, and listen to her label’s radio show, and enjoy a track from her Movements Vol. 1 EP.


Megan Hamilton

Oh. Hell. Yes. Bass and future funk producer Megan Hamilton surprisingly comes from Minneapolis, but her sound could be straight-up dirty south. Her sound is all about getting into a funky groove, inspiring dropped tops and some bounce to the ounce. Check out her 2017 promo mix and a pick from my personal collection.

Stay tuned for more producer showcases throughout the year. Cheers!

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