Right On The Money: A Review of Tuesday Maybe


Way Out West, comprised of English duo Jody Wisternoff and Nick Warren, released their latest album “Tuesday Maybe” in mid-June 2017 for Anjunadeep after an arduous eight years in the making. Both artists have an impactful reputation in their own standing, and have an impressive 25 years of success under their belts as a pair. Known for hits such as “Blue”, “Domination”, and “The Gift”, Way Out West has a loyal following and are one of the leading influences in EDM.

“Tuesday Maybe” is yet another superlative collection of tracks, featuring a harmonious integration of classical instrumental sounds within the elements of trance and progressive house that fans have come to expect. The album opens with “Running Away”, a melodic, piano laced track with the soothing vocals of Eli & Fur, building up momentum to the dancefloor-ready “Set My Mind” with a deeper bassline reminiscent of many nights out in which the first whiskey and coke is felt just enough to motivate the listener to move past their reticence and hit the dance floor. In “We Move In The Dark,” audiences are sure to groove to the fluid vocal accompaniment of Hendrick Burkhard and funky guitar riff. Following that, “Diamond Dust,” a soft beat leads into a symphony of strings and piano blending classical into electronic for an idiosyncratic sound that awes the percipient. The title track “Tuesday Maybe” is composed of an atmospheric melody, coupled with evocative vocals over a memorable synth riff that is maintained throughout the number leading into a danceable beat. It has been a favorite since its original release in early 2016, and marks the close of the album.

The house veterans of Way Out West once again entrance and mystify listeners with their release of this 5th studio album. The time and skilled effort spent on each fine-tuned track is truly evidenced in this release. Audiences are sure to appreciate the unique Way Out West sound marked by the creative incorporation of trance, techno, and classical elements that separate this from other House albums. Overall, on a scale of 1-10, I rate “Tuesday Maybe” an 8.

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