I Made This For You – DoD Weekly Mixtape – Jasmine Rose Edition


I’m truly glad I could put this mix together. These tracks and artists have carried me through a broad spectrum of highs and lows. I’ve needed these, this last few weeks.
I went a different direction this time. From the point of view of a DJ, everyone always pops the question at one point or another- “what got you started in all this?” My answer has never been EDM, and I haven’t always encompassed “all this.”
I never necessarily knew that I was going to listen to anything else, besides Chillout/Trip Hop. Before exploring Trance, and before my gradual fusion with DnB, I had a love that I could only share with maybe four or five other people. Trip Hop was a lesser-known and slow moving genre at that time. All day long, I’ll discuss what I’m most passionate about- and all day long, Trip Hop and Downtempo will be a solid chunk of that conversation.

Enjoy the tunes.


About Jasmine Rose

Jasmine is a Houston-based writer and spoken-word poet, and one of the latest additions to The Department Of Dance. Jasmine has been DJing since 2008, affiliated with various (now defunct) collectives in the past, and currently playing independently. Her choice genres include Minimal Techno, Liquid DnB, and Melodic Trance.

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