Telefon Tel Aviv Drops a New Track (Finally) – Guest Article


Telefon Tel Aviv’s first track in eight years, “Something Akin To Lust,” is definitely something to fawn over. The force sole member of the music project, Joshua Eustis appears to be borrowing a page from his side project Second Woman. The IDM influence on the new timbre and groove of Telefon Tel Aviv is quite apparent. What sets “Something Akin To Lust” separate from the project’s recent live outings and Second Woman, is the composition. There is a definite feeling of wandering through a conduit of lustful energy with the end of the tunnel in sight and vibrant. About halfway through the track, the hollow percs begin to take on a texture that reminiscent of the final scenes of 2001: A Space Odyssey. There is a wall of shoegaze as pads wax and wane making the hairs on your arm erect and places a hope that a full album will soon be released to take the listener on future journeys. As the track comes to an end, there’s a wave that begins to oscillate gently exposing the sawtooth that was taking the listener by the hand all along.

We can’t wait to see this performed live as Telefon Tel Aviv embarks on future shows.

Written by guest author, Frank Lenz

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