Right On The Money; A Review of F*cked It Up EP


Finnish DJ/producer Rony Rex has just debuted his EP, F*cked It Up, shortly after his Sticky Fingers single jumped to the top of iTunes Finland’s charts and made #4 on the Spotify Viral Chart in April 2017. The rising star signed with Youth Control to produce a string of releases for 2017 with support from names such as Abel Ramos, Diplo, Don Diablo, Felix Da Housecat, Tommy Trash, and more. With his well-known radio show Bassoradio, live set collaborations with Sennheiser, and DJ workshops, Rony Rex has established his presence as a talent, and as such, the release of F*cked It Up has been much anticipated.

The first track on the EP, F*cked It Up, contrasts an energetic, feel-good beat with somewhat of a dismal lyrical content. However, with the repetitive lyrics, it is easy to sing along to, and the pop melody is danceable and fun for listeners. The bubbly number is likely to be summer staple for clubs and festivals.

Burn, a groovy house track, follows with upbeat drums, a dominant synth sound, and immersive female vocals. While it first strikes as a song one might hear while trying on clothes in a designer store, it is another uplifting track that energizes listeners and says “Get the crop top, it’s festival season.”

Last on the EP comes Donut, a dynamic house number that fires up the audience and stimulates an almost irresistible dance response. Though it lacks depth, with the synth consistently smoothing out a popping drum beat, this track is another fun melody to wiggle to.

Overall, the F*cked It Up EP is unlikely to gain the same traction that Sticky Fingers did, as it lacks any sort of readily identifiable unique quality to separate it from every other house jam. That said, it certainly serves the purpose of delivering a fun and energetic listen for house fans. On a scale of 1-10, I rate this release at a 6.5. For those that are in search of a summery, danceable number; these are for you!

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