Purely Summer: Nora En Pure at Clé


This past Sunday, July 9, Houston was graced with a performance from Nora En Pure at Clé. And when I say graced, I mean that. Her particular style of house music is quite graceful, and was a wonderful match for an impeccably presented day club.

This was my first time at Clé, and I have to admit, based on previous reviews I had different expectations. I arrived relatively early (and flying solo) considering Nore En Pure didn’t go on until 6 p.m., mostly because I hate fighting parking and lines. The staff was cordial from the door to the bar. The house DJ, DJ Little Martin, was highly enjoyable, spinning a variety of energetic house music. I expected the crowd to be way snobbier, but despite a few people who thought they were obviously far more important than everyone else, people were generally cool. Within 20 minutes, an energetic fellow tapped me on my shoulder to tell me he just loved my owl tattoo, and we had a nice chat for a bit.

The club itself is clean and the décor is stunning, especially at the inside bar. This, along with the serving staff and clientele, left no boredom for the eye. I had fully expected to pay $10 or so for a bottle of water and was pleasantly surprised by the complimentary citrus water. The vodka cranberry I ordered was made with brand-name spirits (you won’t find the cheap stuff here), which was obviously reflected in the price along with what I chalk up to an “ambiance tax” for being in a club centered around luxury. It just goes with the territory, and if you’re making an appearance at this club thirsty, you’re just going to have to accept it.

As for Nora En Pure, her performance style is laid back and cool. I listen to her podcast, Purified, from time to time, and the best way I can describe it is “yoga house.” Her sound makes you want to move, but you’re not going to strain yourself. In fact, your mind will sigh, “Ahhhh” to the frequent soothing piano elements she uses, while your body moves steadily, almost like listening to the soundtrack of a very scenic vacation. Her live performance of course kicked this up a notch, and the crowd was pleased when she dropped her hit, “Tears in Your Eyes.” Nora En Pure had the perfect summer vibe to go with a luxurious day party (complete with pool), and I will certainly continue to enjoy her music on my outdoor and natural adventures.

Positives: Great music for the vibe of the club, gorgeous décor, lots of eye candy, friendly staff. Would come back for another show (but this time with more people).

Negatives: Not a good place to fly solo. Also, a few people need to get over themselves and loosen up; and pricey cocktails—to both of these, it is what it is, and it’s an upscale club so they go with the territory.

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