Event Review: Kinda Super Disco Brings Kidnap Kid to Boondocks


On Friday, we found ourselves at another solid Kinda Super Disco event at the quirky, but conveniently located, Boondocks.  We got there early enough that the bottom flood had not flooded with their standard eclectic mix of patrons, and there was still room outside to enjoy a drink on the porch.

After beverages, we hopped upstairs to enjoy the sounds of Kidnap Kid, who has just hit the stage.  We found a spot that was danceable and bearable, thanks to our molded earplugs, as we were directly next to the speaker for a good while before spots out of the line of fire opened up.  During that time, it seemed like every single patron spilled their drinks on us.  Our shirt wept with the souls of 100 well drinks.

The set was worth it though, funky, thoughtful, and overall simply solid.  The best thing about it is that he looked like he was having FUN.  Kidnap Kid was smiling, talking to other folks behind the booth, and exuding this warm personality that oozed over into the tracks he was playing.  It was simply infectious, and we wiggled and head bobbed our hardest (most of the time, there was no room to dance).  The music begged you to dance to it, beckoning with its funky tone.

At one point in the night, we migrated downstairs for a drink and never left.  We couldn’t get back upstairs because people couldn’t get past the stoop by the time we got our beverages (which took nearly 40 minutes).  We spent a good 20 minutes of the evening dancing with our partner and the adjacent Ms. Pac Man table.  There was simply no place else to go; the venue was packed to the brim.  No matter, we were content with Ms. Pac Man, and the ballooning crowd of friends that surrendered to the bottom floor so they could boogie.

After several shows, we’ve finally figured out the key to enjoying a show at Boondocks: circulation.  If you stand in one place, you become another potential isle if you dance, as others will push past you the entire night.  If you are the one that is in constant motion, everyone is in your way instead of you in theirs.  Once the upstairs crowd thinned a little close to closing, we gleefully weaved our way until the end of the set.

As the lights flipped on at the end of the night, the crowd chanted heartily for one more track.  We ended up with a fantastic remix of Jefferson Airplane’s White Rabbit, which floated us down the stairs at the end of the night.  Eventually, we all got kicked out somewhere around 2:30am, full of smiles and good vibes.


Solid music, friendly crowd, packed house.


Insane drink wait, too crowded to actually dance on the main floor, wearing other people’s drinks.  Someone else also rounded out the evening by setting off a firecracker on the porch.  Who does that shit?  GRR.

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