Chris Liebing Brings the Thunder to Kingdom Austin

Courtesy of RealMusic Events and Clark Terrell Photography

Last Saturday, we made a trip up to Austin to catch the amazing Chris Liebing.  This techno master has not been around us in a good while, and we were excited to make the lonely drive to catch him.

We love Kingdom night club.  It’s a solid, somewhat intimate venue with the friendliest bartenders on the planet, a phenomenal soundsystem, and now enhanced lighting in the interior.  It’s non-pretentious in the “music capitol of the world” and has always been packed for every show for which we’ve made the trip.

Courtesy of RealMusic Events and Clark Terrell Photography

When Chris took the stage close to midnight, we were already well warmed up from some tasty drinks and a buzzing vibe of excitement.  We were not disappointed.  The crowd went wild, the ceiling lit up, and the vibe swarmed through the dark techno sounds.  We managed to find person after person that had made the trip from out of town for the night.  The sound was crystal clear, expertly tuned, and so powerful that we felt the bass in our eyelashes (a phenomenon that one never thinks they will get used to, but they do).  The crowd was incredibly friendly, and we managed to make it up front with ease.  There was plenty of room to dance on the front lines here, as we didn’t mind being in the line of speakers thanks to some pretty powerful ear plugs.

Packed house with friendly folks Courtesy of RealMusic Events and Chris Terrell Photography

For the love of all that is holy, if you love your techno dark, brooding, and booming, and you ever have a chance to catch Chris Liebing, do it.  We danced, hugged, and drank our way into a supreme bliss.  Liebing was the night’s puppetmaster; calm and collected, like his name was 00Techno.  He was obviously having a fantastic time.

After a night of dancing, dehydration, and a slew of overly grabby men (seriously, what’s up with that Austin?  Am I coated in catnip or something?), we reached our limit right about 2:50am.  We closed our tabs and were floored by the swarm of people begging to get in to afterhours.  We practically floated to the car, due to the amazing evening we’d just had.  WOW.

All of these people waiting to get into Kingdom


Very winky bartenders with heavy hands, super nice Austinites, an incredible light show, and most importantly, the best techno we’ve heard in months.


Men that seriously don’t know how to keep their hands off of other people.  We shouldn’t have to spend our nights running away from grabby men.

Rating: A+

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