I Made This For You – DoD Weekly Mixtape – Jasmine Rose Edition


It’s no secret that DnB has been my religion for quite awhile, now. Liquid DnB, to be exact.

Composed here is a list of some of my favorite tracks, from this genre. I hope to give everyone a pretty comprehensive understanding of what plays in my household, more than not. I go for a darker sound, when I listen to/play Liquid DnB. It’s just what I believe in.

Seba got more than one mention, because Seba is my alpha and my omega. Also, pay attention to “Her Waves”, “Chameleon”, and “Girl”, as those tracks really describe the Liquid I love the most.

RIP Marcus Intalex. DnB lost a great man this year.



About Jasmine Rose

Jasmine is a Houston-based writer and spoken-word poet, and one of the latest additions to The Department Of Dance. Jasmine has been DJing since 2008, affiliated with various (now defunct) collectives in the past, and currently playing independently. Her choice genres include Minimal Techno, Liquid DnB, and Melodic Trance.

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