Orbital Rejoins and Puts out a Rework Track


It’s been a good while since we’ve had some new Orbital around these parts.

Last week, the Guardian posted a link to a new track from the British duo (set to private, so not searchable on their Soundcloud page), a rework of the 2008 track of the same name.  This is a seriously solid track, timeless, yet truly reminiscent of their older works.  It’s full of whirring crescendos, chiming soundscapes, and 4 on the floor beats.  This rework came right on the heels of the announcement that they are re-joining for a trio of shows in the next few months.  Take a listen and let us know what you think!


Purchase the single at all major online music retailers, or click here.


Forbidden Fruit, Dublin, June 3 – 5
Bluedot, Jodrell Bank, Cheshire, July 7 – 9
Standon Calling, Hertfordshire, July 27 – 30


Read more about the brothers’ feud here.

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