I Made This For You: DoD Weekly Mixtape Matthew Dunn Edition


Obviously this week’s mixtape is going to feature quite a bit of trance and progressive given that it’s my specialty as a DJ. I did my best to throw in a bit of what I’m listening to personally, what I’m playing out, and what I’m just overall loving. It’s got a sprinkling of trance, progressive, house, tech house, tech trance, and even a hint of some bass music. Hope you enjoy the tracks and catch next week’s edition! Be sure to follow us on Soundcloud so you get notified when the new play list goes live!

About Matthew Dunn

Matthew is a well known and respected DJ based out of Houston, TX. Dunn has over a decade behind the decks, has played alongside some of the biggest names in dance music, and has been a fixture in the EDM community both on local and international level.

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