TRINIX, the Fresh and so Clean French Duo


If you regularly listen to Sirius FX’s Chill channel, you have likely heard TRINIX. TRINIX is gaining traction and is part of a new crop of French artists making a mark on listeners all over the world. Josh Chergui and Lois Serre make up TRINIX, a French duo that has been producing together since 2012. To date, TRINIX has over 3 million plays on Spotify. TRINIX has blown up in the last few years, performing live and giving their fans the experience of a lifetime. Not content to simply press play, TRINIX delivers energetic displays of their talent.

These Lyon residents’ music is influenced by electronic music and hip hop, most heard in their five track EP, Shade. “Spend The Night With Me” and “Seventies” will give the neck much needed exercise, as it is hard not to nod and jam out. “Kupang” is more mellow than the rest of the tracks on the EP and carries with it that tropical house vibe that has grown in popularity. “Don’t You” is fire. Just listen for yourself.  You can find all the different ways to play and download Shade here. Download it for free while available by going here to get your good beat fix.

TRINIX’s latest single is “Raining Day,” a hip swaying, deep house cut with a rhythmic swagger. It has a similar feel to their track “No Sleep,” which you can also download for free here.

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