Pass the Mash-ups, please


“Write it, cut it, paste it, save it,
Load it, check it, quick, rewrite it”.

That’s what producer/remixer Coins tediously worked on for two years; chopping and sampling French house legends Daft Punk and East Coast rap trio Beastie Boys, creating an incredible collection of mash-ups between the two heavy weight artists, appropriately titled Daft Science.

The mash-up project has yielded eight dynamic tracks, taking the illustrious French duo’s synthesizer work from songs like “Robot Rock and heavily sampling verses from Beastie Boy anthems such as “Intergalactic”, “No sleep Till Brooklyn”, and “Body Movin.”


While the two groups have their own notorious sounds, Coins has managed to slip in some of his own scratching techniques and clever nuances to make it his own, but we’re not complaining. The supercharged mash-ups break down genre barriers between dance and hip-hop.


Listening back, there are moments of fluidity between the sporadic synth hits and rhymes from MCA that make you question: Do I dance or do I rap? The answer is both. We found ourselves rocking back and forth listening to the whole project front to back. A very creative and neatly executed homage to two groups who have covered different spectrums of sounds, Daft Science is definitely something you’ll want to pluck for your personal collection.

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Chris Zane is Houston DJ and DOD contributor, holding residencies at nightclubs such as Rich's, Rosemont and The Boulevardier. Zane has also hosted University of Houston podcasts "The Morning BPM" and "The Zephyr Lounge".

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