In the Electronic Dance Music industry one often sees mirror images of artists who all do things relatively the same. Many of us crave something new. It is not that us fans do not see this attempted often. It is more of the fact that we do not see it done successfully, that is, until Friday afternoon when I got the chance to see the innovative and stellar live performance by FYER. Bobby Duque and Gabriel Guardian have their own set of unique talents, Bobby being the one producing music, playing the drum pad, and from time to time busting out vocal notes while Gabriel shreds on the guitar and shows how he is a master at the keyboard. In spite of their individual talents many will still be skeptical on whether or not they can put it all together but oh man was I not ready for what this duo was about to reveal to me.

Starting with Gabriel coming out showing no mercy on the guitar, people’s heads began to turn noticing this was not going to be your ordinary show. Shortly after Bobby came out being the hype man that he is on the mic, getting the crowd in tune with them. After the intro it was all of them showing us a no holds barred talent extravaganza that included heavy basslines, live guitar notes, and lyrically stunning vocal tracks. There was also a heart to heart moment where they dropped a remix of The Fray’s How to Save a Life. The entire crowd was in the mix, dancing and wanting more and FYER gave it to them. Keeping a relationship with their fans throughout the show, they went into the crowd and waved flags, had fans clapping, and even borrowed a Marshmello helmet to shred out on the guitar with. One of the key moments of this performance was when Gabriel had the crowd hold his guitar for him while he slayed a killer solo. It was so overwhelming to process with all the talent being showed off.

Strangely enough those talents were not what kept me so intrigued. In the midst of the performance, I noticed that with everything this duo was doing they very rarely made eye contact or showed each other any kind of hint of what was to come next. This kept me glued because this duo made something that would seem to be very technical seem well, second nature. By the closeout of the show, both of them were worn-down and completely drained from pouring their heart and soul into their performance. I could not help but be placed in a state of shock from what I had just witnessed. Blown away by the performance all I could do was scream as they left the stage because I went from thinking there was nothing innovative I had not already seen in EDM to being blown away. What FYER did on that stage is something new and unordinary and the passion these two hold together is something unlike anything else. I am already waiting for these two to come back to Texas.


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