A Long Time Coming … Matt Lange’s Remix of Imogen Heap’s “Run Time” Has Landed!


“Haunting” is one word I would use to describe one of Matt Lange’s latest releases. Imogen Heap, one of his biggest inspirations for his music, asked if he would remix “Run-Time,” the hit single off of her new (at the time) album “Sparks.” It’s simply one of those tracks you are just so glad that it was made once you hear it.

It begins with an almost glowing ambient resonance before the first beat even hits. It then leads into a powerful and emotive down-tempo riff lead by Imogen’s signature voice carrying you through to the first breakdown. It’s a solid production from Matt Lange. It’s just a shame that it took as long as it did to be released. The track has been locked up in “label purgatory” for quite some time due to some scheduling and copyright law issues. Two years after he wrapped up the remix in the studio in 2014 it was finally ready to be released.

I must admit he hit this one clear out of the park with this beautiful and glitchy rework of the track. He clearly put a lot of work into restructuring the song and putting his unique Lange twist on it. His dark bass kicks, rumbles and clicky sounds come together with Imogen’s alluring vocals to build something that is just ready to blow us away.

Have a listen for yourself to this excellent piece of work from Mr. Matt Lange with his FREE DOWNLOAD release on his Soundcloud page:


Be sure to have a listen to the original version as well. It’s quite different while remaining a beautiful track:

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