Meet the Team : DoD Member Matthew Dunn


In an effort to show you all who works so hard to bring you all the stories pictures and videos you get from us here at the DoD, we’ve decided to spotlight our team and introduce them to you all!

Our next team member to introduce is Matthew Dunn!

Matthew Dunn is the founder and Commander in Chief of the Department of Dance. He is a talented and practiced DJ/producer, an event coordinator, and a dance music enthusiast. You can hear him mixing live on his radio show, “The Dunn Deal,” here on the DoD site. When he isn’t busy managing or contributing to the DoD chaos, he likes to spend his time with his dogs, netflix and chilling with friends, and sipping red wine. He is also Batman.

About Ms. Money

Meganne Money is The Department of Dance Copy Editor. She is also a freelance writer, music/event critic, dancer, and vocalist. Meganne has a passion for music and the EDM community, and delivers information in a creative and entertaining way.

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