Right On The Money: A review of the Super8 and Tab album, “Unified”


Finnish duo Super8 & Tab are back in action, having just released their new studio album “Unified”. The trance album features a variety of sounds and contributions, but flows in a way that takes listeners on an emotionally engaging journey. With danceable beats and catchy original melodies, this album is sure to be a pleasure for trance fans and club-goers alike.

Individual musicians Super8 (Miika Juhani Eloranta) and DJ Tab (Janne Mikael Mansnerus) teamed up in 2005 to form Super8 & Tab, producing DJ Mixes for Anjunabeats, with whom they are now very established, and releasing several singles leading up to their first studio album, “Empire”. Living up to their previous album would prove to be difficult, but with the release of “Unified”, the pair demonstrates their progression with a lyrically more refined volume, featuring a stronger variety of sound, and even making use of the distinguishable male vocals of Jan Burton. Julie Thompson also makes a return for this album, with a powerful feminine voice that delights the audience.

“Let Go”, also released as a single, is best described as an uplifting track, beginning with an engaging, rhythmic build up to a soothing breakdown in which Julie Thompson’s voice energizes listeners. The use of synth enhances the listener’s sense of anticipation as the song leads into a euphoric climax. This track is an excellent example of the emotional connection between the audience and artist. “Rubicon” ft 7Skies features a somewhat relaxing, but danceable listening experience at a cool 128bpm with a heavy focus on the bassline, while making mild use of some of the more classical instrumental sounds in the breakdown, actively captivating listeners and portraying a harmonic combination of progressive and uplifting influences to a dancefloor-ready track. It serves to showcase the versatility of the artists’ sound. “Aika” with BT, arguably the best track on the album, is exactly what one would expect from collaboration between these artists. With high energy kicks, and the ethereal atmospherics typical of BT, this dreamy track is immersive, and hypnotizes listeners in the way that only true progressive trance can.

Although this album seems somewhat reliant on collaboration with other artists, that is how Super8 & Tab was born. The music establishes the value of a diverse variety of sounds and perspectives. This album is a collection of unique tracks put together in a way that excites and mystifies listeners, achieving the perceived goal of the album. Fans will be pleased to hear how the distinctive sound of Super8 & Tab has progressed since Empire left its impact. On a scale of 1-10, I rate this album an 8. If you’re looking for an album that features diverse influences and delivers an emotional experience, this album should be next on your playlist.

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